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’ But in reality, they enjoy getting the attention of multiple men while still being in the comfort of a relationship.” It gets worse, in his opinion.

“Fuck off.” Geez, must be hard having someone who actually gives a shit about you! “[The biggest mistake girls make is] looking for subtext in what her guy said,” said Reddit user jello_sweaters.Obviously this can be taken with a grain of salt, because it’s unclear what exactly were those things he was doing completely by himself, in his own spare time. “Generally we say what we mean, or we don’t say anything at all.” On one hand, yes. It’s true that guys are not self-aware enough to try to “trick” their bae by saying something they don’t mean, but sometimes they do it accidentally or in attempts to seem macho.You know, like when a guy says “IDGAF” when you says you’re going out with her guy friend when in reality he clearly gives a fuck and is butt hurt. But, as a girl, you shouldn’t try to overthink what a dude is saying, he’s sure not.the moment the helpless-little-girl behavior starts showing, I just want to RUN.’ - Steve, 35, bartender Therefore, the more you give away your power and awesomeness, the more you act helpless and clingy, the more ‘confused’ and ‘overwhelmed’ you appear to be in life ,the more he starts to feel you’re under his thumb. Trying to ‘rescue’ a man, help him run his life, baby him, or look out for him is guaranteed to kill the passion and spice in your relationship over time, because he cannot have erotic feelings and sexual desire for a woman who he perceives as a ‘mother’.​‘I don’t care about a few lines and cellulite dimples.So they just tamp it down inside, where it either rots and comes out as tears and sadness…OR, it explodes out of you at completely inappropriate times (like YELLING at your boyfriend because he left his socks on the floor again.)Even if he seems totally lost at times - you do not need to mother him. But is it a turn off if she eats crap 24/7, never exercises, and slops around in dirty sweat pants?

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