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Firstly, if they’ve given you their number, it’s a pretty good sign. Like going to a new exhibition or choosing a cafe or restaurant that’s a bit different. This will subsequently make the date even more appealing. They’re clearly not the right person for you so you can move on and find the person who is.’ Of course it’s always easier said than done, but confidence really is key to asking someone out.

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And could of course be the start of something special.

There are various methods that you could try, depending on how brave you’re feeling.

Bold: Firstly, you could be very bold and buy him a drink.

After assessing these things (and obviously ensuring they’re not seeing anyone else), arrange a time when just the two of you can be alone together and broach the subject then. Be completely honest with your feelings – if nothing more, they’ll have a lot of respect for you for doing it.

Finally, you really have to respect their decision.

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