Updating sles10 nvidia drivers

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In addition, it is a good idea to time-synchronize all Policy Managers across all sites.Otherwise, Agents may not be able to receive the latest profile if one of the servers sets the time at a future date.If the user does not upgrade the license, the Symantec Policy Manager will not update the Antivirus library.

The Policy Manager requires a database to store information.Bug # 904133 Some Japanese characters are displaying incorrectly onscreen in the Symantec Policy Manager interface and the Host Integrity rule name does not always display correctly.Bug # 1129679 Linux Agent: The smcgui process cannot start up automatically after a reboot of the Agent computer as expected.Bug # 1131119 After installing Symantec Policy Manager, if a Host Integrity policy is exported, edited, and then the Export Policy window is opened again, without any change to the policy name, the policy will be exported and will replace the previous policy of the same name when the Close Window button is clicked.Bug # 1129104 In the Symantec Policy Manager Application Authentication settings, only the "Action" is valid for XPE Agent but "Exception list" is valid for Windows; Functions on the DLL Authentication tab only work for XPE agent.

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