Updating ps2 driver

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Or y'know, use Safe Mode, but I'm not too familiar with that personally. I didn't have to do use the automatic hide updates utility.

By the time I get the troubleshooter to run, I am already getting a popup saying the Asus recommended drivers have been installed and I need to restart. I have disabled anything from startup that I think isn't important but still can't beat the installation message. Have you guys tried to uninstall the drivers and not restart, but run the troubleshooter immediately after? And if that doesn't do it, you could of course disconnect your laptop from the internet to prevent Windows from checking for updates (of course you'll need to be connected when running the troubleshooter).

If it's still there, uninstall "Asus Support Device" in device manager, under mice (again, see step 4). I'll come up with a better guide then EDIT: didn't find the option to re-enable updates for the toucpad in the tool, weird It work for me without hide the Asus update. After that, it was a simple matter of installing the driver you provided from ASUS to restore my trackpad functionality!

If you want your touchpad options back like I did, here's how to fix the drivers for good. Download these specific Synaptics Drivers, but do not install yet: Click "Next" - "Hide updates." 3.1 If "ASUS - Other hardware - Asus Support Device" is shown, check the box and press next until the troubleshooter is done. 3.2 If "ASUS - Other hardware - Asus Support Device" is not shown, continue to step 4. Go to Device Manager and uninstall the drivers for "Asus Support Device" under mice. 2) Download and install the newest Synpatics Windows10 drivers for PS/2 devices: Go into Device Manager, right click on that PS/2 Mouse and select "Update Driver Software". Now, Windows will eventually try to re-download the drivers eventually, but you should be able to disable the driver from the troubleshooter before that happens. I hit that damn thing so many times while typing, and this Win10 upgrade was driving me insane! The Asus Support Device should now pop up as an option. I just installed the asus driver and HAVEN'T reboot my pc. Now it work and windows haven't ask me for any update. Now my external mouse works like it did before and it disables the trackpad when it's plugged in.Download this troubleshooter: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3073930 3. 4) Then click "Browse my computer for driver software", and on the next screen click "Let me pick from a list..." 5) On that screen uncheck "Show compatible hardware" and you should see a Synaptics entry in the Manufacturer list. This was icing on the cake, so thanks a lot for this!

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