Updating my laptops ram intimidating team chants

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Most laptops start with 2gb could only go up to 4gb.. Yes,4 2=6gb Most of laptops have 2 slots not 2 2 it depends on the motherboard of pc....For the correct configuration for your motherboard Follow the link of crucial ram website mentioned in above steps....Or am I not gonna get any better out of my cpu and graphic card?My choice (if I find out it's useful) would be a pair of Hyper X Impact, either 8 and 4 or 2x8 gb since I read somewhere that two of the same work better Thanks for the replies and sorry for the long post!If it’s not instantly visible, consult the manual or the manufacturer website.

information of idle processes or tasks, to the hard drive (virtual memory).

So what would you say, should I just leave it as it is or would that slight improvement be valuable?

I found a good price of 80 € on 2x8 gb (still the hyperx) so if that wouldn't be completely pointless I would get them and perhaps keep them for a next laptop ( I know laptops aren't great for gaming but being able to bring everything around is such a pro in my eyes) Also if I can use some more of your knowledge.. My cpu runs at 1.6ghz with turbo 2.6, does it mean that it can run rams with the same speed or is it completely unrelated?

When the user returns to an idle process or task, the system must first free up RAM, then fetch the data of the requested item from the hard drive and load it into the RAM.

Since hard drive read/write speeds are significantly slower than RAM read/write speeds, the user experiences lag.

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