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This check box is under the Pivot Table Data section on the Data tab of the Pivot Table Options dialog box.

Stored passwords are not encrypted and are not recommended.

The is what I have experiences so far: I accept that it may take 30 minutes or so to automatically update dashboard data, but surely if someone manually selects the refresh options, it should be going to the server and getting the most recent data, rather than continuing to use cached data.

Is my experience the same as other users, or is there potentially something wrong at our end?

hi all, i created a report with pbi desktop, connecting live to ssas cube with enterpeise gateway.i published the dashboard to people and there was no problem to see data.i added new measure to cube, refreshed the pbi desktop file and i was enable to see new measure on pbi service i wasn't able to see the new measure, after refreshing also.

the only thing i suspect is written the gateway is offline, what does it mean?

Security Note: Connections to external data may be currently disabled on your computer.

But how does it know when to refresh the dashboard tiles when there is a SSAS Live connection through and Enterprise Gateway?

Can someone please explain the rules around dashboard refresh times?

To refresh the data when you open a workbook, you must enable the data connections by using the Trust Center bar, or you must place the workbook in a trusted location.

Refreshing an offline cube file, which re-creates the file by using the most recent data from the server cube, can be time consuming and require a lot of temporary disk space.

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