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Aside from their character's name and gender, the following features can also be customized.Since the big sword and rapier are the same movesets for Fu Xi and Nu Wa, their names are also identical in each of their game appearances.Additional costumes were made available through downloadable content.New options include: Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires keeps and expands the same options introduced in the previous installment.An alternative meaning is the same as their English counterparts.Spear users are endowed with the power of a vacuum.To use content beyond the scope of this license, permission is required.Edit mode characters is a feature that was introduced to the Dynasty Warriors series in Dynasty Warriors 4.

Unlike the previous games, players are free to continue editing their characters after creating them.

Customization in Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends is similar to how it is in Dynasty Warriors 4. Requirements for unlocking them are done by completing certain objectives during Destiny Mode.

Like in the first Empires title, the player can choose from three different voice options for each gender: Passionate, Heroic, or Calm for males and Spirited, Relaxed, or Innocent for females.

They can also be given three different voice tones and a unique tactical skill.

Furthermore, players may now choose any moveset used by the entire cast.

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