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AR values after 8 h of baseline sleep from an earlier dataset.

Over the last few decades, they have also explored many of its applications.

Recovery from sleep deprivation was associated with a decrease in AAR availabilities after recovery did not differ from baseline sleep in the control group.

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Hart's findings on incomplete contracts have shed new light on the ownership and control of businesses and have had a vast impact on several fields of economics, as well as political science and law. Further information: contact: Jessica Balksjö Nannini, Press Officer, phone 46 8 673 95 44, 46 70 673 96 50, [email protected]: Per Strömberg, Chairman of the Committee for the Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, phone 46 8 736 91 19, 46 702 91 64 50, [email protected] Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, founded in 1739, is an independent organisation whose overall objective is to promote the sciences and strengthen their influence in society.

His research provides us with new theoretical tools for studying questions such as which kinds of companies should merge, the proper mix of debt and equity financing, and when institutions such as schools or prisons ought to be privately or publicly owned. The Academy takes special responsibility for the natural sciences and mathematics, but endeavours to promote the exchange of ideas between various disciplines.

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