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Andrew’s House, a multi-storey office building, but the church itself remained in use until 1974.On the left, beyond the intersection with West Nile Street, is the Baroque Empire Theatre which opened in 1897.It was designed in the Moorish style by Thomas Baird and the facade was finished in square tiles set in a diagonal pattern.Patrons would enter through a large doorway framed by two pillars each side and topped with a grand arch containing three windows.

It’s a long street by Glasgow standards and was renowned for its department stores, hotels, cinemas, restaurants and tearooms as well as art galleries and a range of smaller businesses.

The Crown Halls next door were occupied by a firm of auctioneers and valuators. ) In this view looking west across the intersection with Renfield Street, part of Renfield Street United Free Church is visible on the left and, on the opposite corner, Lauder’s Bar is on the ground floor of the building and Lumley’s the sports retailer now occupies the other three floors.

The curious light-coloured building next door is the Salon Cinema which opened in June 1913.

During the First World War, the building was purchased by the YMCA and it became their Hostel for Soldiers and Sailors.

After the war, the YMCA reopened the theatre as the Lyric Theatre.

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