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Eileen Lake of Wynnewood, whose three children attend district schools, said: "If there's a concern that laptops are misplaced or stolen, they should install a chip to locate them instead.There shouldn't be a reason to use webcams for that purpose." Marc Rotenberg, Georgetown University Law School information privacy professor and President and Executive Director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), said: "There are less intrusive ways to track stolen laptops, no question about it." Commenting on the now-discontinued Theft Track, Carol Cafiero (school district Information Systems Coordinator, and supervisor of 16 technicians and administrative assistants) wrote to her boss Virginia Di Medio (district Director of Technology for a number of years, until June 2009, and a member of the district Superintendent's five-person Cabinet) that district Network Technician Mike Perbix "loves it, and I agree it is a great product." Di Medio considered Perbix and Cafiero's recommendations that the district purchase the software, including a memo in which Cafiero noted that: "we can mark [a student's laptop as] stolen on the LANrev server, and then the laptop will take screenshots and pictures of the user with the built-in camera, and transmit that information back to our server." The district did not inform students or their parents, in any of its communications with them (including the district's promotion of the laptop program, guidelines about the laptops, and the individual contracts that it gave students to sign), that the laptops gave the district the ability to secretly snap photos of whatever was in the line of sight of the student-issued laptop webcams, and to take screenshots.It cost .6 million, less than a third of which was covered by grants.While Theft Track was not enabled by default on the software, the program allowed the school district to elect to activate it, and to enable whichever of Theft Track's surveillance options the school desired.

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I would not find this a problem if students were informed that this was possible, for privacy's sake.That way, there would not be any trace by which students might realize that they were being watched and photographed.Further, LANrev could be programmed to capture webcam pictures and screen captures automatically, and store them on the laptop's hard disk for later retrieval in areas of the computer's storage that were not accessible by the student, and which could be deleted remotely. Mc Ginley, Superintendent of Lower Merion School District The school based its decision to discipline Robbins on a photograph that had been secretly taken of him in his bedroom, via the webcam in his school-issued laptop. Senate Judiciary subcommittee held hearings on the issues raised by the schools' secret surveillance, and Senator Arlen Specter introduced draft legislation in the Senate to protect against it in the future. Lower Merion School District, the Board of Directors of the Lower Merion School District, and Christopher W.

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