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You can have your avatar date another avatar in any setting on Second Life and still sort of have the same effect minus the physical intimacy, which is a general protocol for first dates anyway.

Flikdate Similar to Skyecandy’s Video Dating feature, Flikdate is for people who only have time and patience for “the fastest date in the world.” Mainly a speed-dating tool for your mobile phone, Flikdate is a cute and fun app that does away with having to compose lengthy dating profiles and waiting for a chat or email response from someone you’re interested in; signup is pretty instantaneous and you immediately are able to chat with prospective dates.…it’s hard to not give it at least the benefit of a doubt. They have a gallery that features celebrity couple photos that show facial resemblance and a few single ones that could be great Face Mates.Also, here’s a video of Christina Bloom – Find Your Face Mate’s founder – talking about her pet project: Become a Pick Up Artist This isn’t necessarily scientifically proven to find you a match, but Become a Pick Up Artist could be a great tool to use to master the art of wowing potential dates with witticisms and snappy one-liners.Is the guy you’re talking to showing you his schlong?Not a problem – Flikdate has a Perv alert button that immediately terminates the transmission of an inappropriate video.

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