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Numbers for equivalency sports are indicated with a decimal point, with a trailing zero if needed.

NCAA Division I schools have broadcasting contracts that showcase their more popular sports — typically football and men’s basketball — on network television and in basic cable channels.

Men's teams provided 55%, women's teams 15%, and 30% was not categorized by sex or sport.

It divides sports that are sponsored into two types for purposes of scholarship limitations: The number of scholarships that Division I members may award in each sport is listed below.For sports other than football and basketball, Division I schools must play 100 percent of the minimum number of contests against Division I opponents—anything over the minimum number of games has to be 50 percent Division I.Men's and women's basketball teams have to play all but two games against Division I teams; for men, they must play one-third of all their contests in the home arena.These contracts can be quite lucrative, particularly for DI schools from the biggest conferences.For example, the Big Ten conference in 2016 entered into contracts with Fox and ESPN that pay the conference .64 billion over six years. For example, the NCAA’s contract to show the men’s basketball championship tournament (widely known as March Madness) is currently under a 14-year deal with CBS and Turner that runs from 2010 to 2024 and pays billion.

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