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As the famous American author John Steinbeck said: “A journey is like marriage.

According to a survey carried by Eurobarometer (a series of public opinion surveys conducted regularly on behalf of the European Commission) in 2015, 61% of the weighted average for the 28 member states support the legalisation of same-sex marriages throughout Europe.

However, given the fact that the refugees crisis is spreading across Europe, it can be concluded that same-sex marriages are not a priority at this moment, and might have to wait for better times.

As a citizen of a small, mostly homophobic country, I have heard many different opinions on marriage equality, but there is one that stands out.

The main partners in the pilot project are Burgas Municipality, Burgas Regional Police, Demetra Association, Burgas Regional Prosecutor’s Office, Burgas Regional Administration, MBAL Burgas, Sozopol municipality, SATURN Centre (West Sussex), and the Embassy.

VSELENA is located in central Burgas, and its hotline is run 24/7. The Centre’s mission is to improve the quality of care received by victims of rape and sexual assault, to increase the number of victims who speak out after their traumatic experiences, and to ensure access to just judicial proceedings.

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