Self consolidating grout

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Also learn why SCG is ideal for both low-lift and high-lift grouting—it completely fills any cavities while encapsulating all steel reinforcement in cores and bond beams of CMU walls.Now grouting walls can be done with efficiency and accurately to meet structural requirements.Perhaps the earliest known occurrence of cement was twelve million years ago.A deposit of cement was formed after an occurrence of oil shale located adjacent to a bed of limestone burned due to natural causes.Understand how SCG utilizes the newest water reducing and viscosity modifying admixtures to produce a highly fluid grout with superior properties and contractor installation efficiencies.SCG not only increases the integrity of masonry walls, it decreases a contractor’s labor cost by eliminating the need for mechanical vibration to consolidate and re-consolidate grout.

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Famous concrete structures include the Hoover Dam, the Panama Canal, and the Roman Pantheon.To learn the latest technology impacting masonry grout for masonry structures, this interactive seminar on Self Consolidating Grout (SCG) has attendees seeing & participating in hands-on demonstrations showing the performance of dry, preblended SCG.Discover the requirements to properly mix SCG, pre-test SCG [before placement], and efficiently install SCG for increased productivity.However, asphalt concrete, which is frequently used for road surfaces, is also a type of concrete, where the cement material is bitumen, and polymer concretes are sometimes used where the cementing material is a polymer.When aggregate is mixed together with dry Portland cement and water, the mixture forms a fluid slurry that is easily poured and molded into shape.

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