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As user experience (UX) design continues to grow and expand, designers often work in areas with few design patterns or social mores.

It is easy to make things that people do not want or will not adopt.

The basic process of interviewing candidates for open positions hasn’t changed very much in the last century, despite radical changes in how people socialize and interact both in and out of the workplace.

Traditional interviews continue even though no one enjoys them!

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After all, there are so many parameters to consider.

Why do many of us think happiness will simply find us when we least expect it?

A client even recently emailed me about a guy who, unfortunately, didn’t work out in the relationship department.

There is little argument that traditional interviews are time-consuming for all parties involved, often repetitive, and highly subjective.

If you include the time it takes to write up notes and to debrief the interview team with time actually spent interviewing candidates and multiply that by the number of candidates considered, you would quickly realize what a serious “time drain” interviews are on corporate resources.

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