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But going to the official conference site, the talk has clearly been removed.(Go to Wednesday, room Leo 2, double-click on BGO2, which is the session that had the presentation.Of course the people you know will generally not get to hear this powerful information from regular sources.We have been repeatedly surprised when on ministry tours how few people even know about the soft-tissue finds by secular scientists.There are plenty of dinosaur bones out there that could be tested for C-14—one would hope that other researchers will take up the challenge and perform similar analyses to these researchers.

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(1) Joe Taylor, like the famous Jack Horner of Montana has no college degree in Paleontology; both are in their late 60's. (2) Horner is director of the paleontology section of Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman MT and was consultant to the movie, Jurassic Park but both are classified as paleontologists because of their excellent research and field studies. (4) I understand that Horner and Taylor have met at Paleontology conferences and whereas Horner gets the publicity, Joe's research is, of course no less important. research on dinosaur chronology is very important as it demonstrates why soft tissue has survived – the bones of dinosaurs are 2000 times younger then what the science community has accepted as a fact.Siena, nell’ottobre 2009 and in Germany in English by Brandenstein-Zeppelin and Stockhausen. Evolution and the Sciences: A Critical Examination. (English) Gerhard Hess Verlag, 88427 Bad Schussenried, Germany.Because the research council in Italy was a government agency the book became quite controversial and hit the International science news I hope this info will result in further C-14 studies.(3) Among many discoveries by the Horner team was the research of Mary Schweitzer and her assistants who observed soft tissue in a T-Rex femur bone after EDTA treatment. Such data needs to be cross checked by main stream science and not swept under the rug.Thus we have repeatedly urged them to C-14 date the fossils in letters to Jack Horner and University paleontologists and in six conference abstracts.

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