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Angle: If you've got an eye for detail, in real life F1, you may have noticed different cars in the same team look slightly different onboard in different sessions or race weekends.The camera most probably is able to be tilted up and down.HARPURSVILLE, NY — April, the forever-pregnant celebrity giraffe at Animal Adventure Park in upstate New York, finally went into labor on live cam Saturday morning.She welcomed an adorable, miniature version of herself into the world on the eve of Easter Sunday. The labor alert has just gone out," zoo owner Jordan Patch said in an ecstatic Facebook video around 7 a.m.And finally, after months of waiting, the world watched as April's baby — a boy! Shortly after, the newborn raised his own head and nuzzled mom.

When you look up at the sky at night, you'll probably see the moon and some stars, and you might wonder where they came from.

The wheels will always look "bulky" regardless of whatever settings are used.

The real life onboard camera has a fish eye curved lens rather than a flat image which the game uses, therefore the cameras I've tried to replicate will never be 100% accurate.

You can finally “see Santa online” any time you want. And if you catch those elves playing tricks on me again, make sure you let me know!

When you watch my live video feed, make sure you wave. Speaking of elves, Clumsy the Elf keeps tripping over the webcam wires. )And please make sure to tell all your friends about my new Christmas webcam too!

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