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If you want to learn more about all of the options, have a look at this article by Ross Mistry, High Availability Options in SQL Server 2008.If you read the article, Ross’ summary makes the following statement…SQL Server comes with a variety of high availability options, including log shipping, replication (transactional, merge, snapshot), database mirroring and failover clusters.There is a great article that talks about the High Availability options in SQL Server 2008, so I won’t re-invent the wheel here.The following articles are provided for your reference for configuration and management of your MSDTC resource.

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Enter your license and reboot your servers when prompted. Launch the Data Keeper GUI and follow the instructions below to create your mirror. Once you have created your mirror, you need to make your mirror available in the Microsoft Cluster “Available Storage”.“Clearly, failover clustering is the best choice to reduce system downtime and provide higher application availability for the whole instance of SQL Server within a site; however, a failover cluster does not protect against disk failure and requires a SAN.” What if you could have all of the benefits that Ross outlines and also protect against disk failure and eliminate the need for a SAN?Well, the good news is that is exactly what you can do by implementing a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 multi-site cluster on Windows Server 2008.Follow the steps in Part 1 of this series to configure a basic 2-node cluster with a Node and File Share Majority Quorum.Deploying a multi-site cluster will require that you work very closely with your replication vendor during this part of the configuration.

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