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PICKING THE PERFECT PROFILE PICTURE Research shows that the written profile makes up less than 10pc of what people consider when checking out online dating profiles.

"Basically it's your photos that make people decide - often in a split second - whether they want to contact you or not," says award-winning photographer Saskia Nelson from Hey Saturday (heysaturday.co/), the UK's first dating profile picture photography service.

Tindr just added a new gender feature which includes transgender relationships. You won't be alone, recent research showed that 30pc of women had someone else write their profiles. ● Don't get drunk, stay in your senses so you can stay safe, make informed decisions so you'll remember your first date.

Check out Saskia's site for good examples on the "professional but unstaged" look you should be aiming for. They like guys who exude strength and pride - photos of men looking away from the lens and not smiling perform very well. Including other people can be a distraction and including a member of the opposite sex can unleash negative emotions - 60pc of people in that situation will ask who the person is.

3 Have three or four additional shots - including a full-length body shot - showing some surroundings to give you a bit of context. Men think they give a sense of intimacy but there's always a danger that selfies can give off a bit of a hook-up vibe. All these things will put off large numbers of people from contacting you.

Saskia's advice is: 1 Have a good quality main profile photo where you look natural, relaxed and very happy: as you'd look on a first date.

Don't use out-of-date photos - research shows the main reason people don't get second dates is down to 'un-met expectations'.

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