Php application for inserting updating and deleting record dating and mentoring

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PROBLEMYou notice that the second query is not failing as you had expected even though the record being inserted is an exact duplicate of a record previously inserted.

The REPLACE statement first deletes the record with the same primary key and then inserts the new record.

In the case of INSERT where a row/slot had been previously deleted, making an uncollapsed hole in the table, and the record being inserted fills that empty row/slot, that is to say, the inserted data did not create a new row/slot/space, then this may explain why a zero result is returned by this function.

Create PHP To Insert, Select, Update, Delete In My SQL Database Table. With the help of php scripts, we can perform a variety of data processing in the website server with easy, such as creating a database table, delete the database table, storing a database table, to display the database table in the pages of our website.

For example, it is used for registration application, verification applications, applications on a cms and others.

If you create own a website, you will be in desperate need of a My SQL database processing system.

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