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Finally, the Pearson correlation coefficient was used to find the correlations between ROMI’s items and adherence to treatment. Most of them (84%) were on their first episode of psychosis, their mean PANSS score was 98.6 (±21.5), and their mean global PSP was 35.7 (±13.6).

Men had a longer mean duration of illness and a lower frequency of first psychotic episode (Table 1).

Adolescent onset schizophrenia is relatively common, with almost 30% of patients having an illness onset before they turn 18 years old.

Child and Adolescent Version (MINI KID): the MINI KID was designed as a structured diagnostic interview to assess short-term psychopathology of children and adolescents.In Mexico, PSP validity was evaluated in 40 adolescent patients, obtaining good internal consistency, a positive correlation with C-GAS, and a negative correlation with the negative, excitement, and cognitive factors derived from PANSS and MCCB domains; it also showed good internal consistency and interrater reliability [18].The adherence to treatment was defined in a dichotomous variable, assessing the patient’s capability to follow the medical instructions [19].In adolescence, factors such as the increase of hormonal levels and the maturation of the structures and functions involved in the information processing could account for sex differences [10].For example, a greater loss of cerebral gray matter during brain maturation in males or the protective role of the estrogens in females [11] may in turn affect fundamental aspects of the illness.

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