Niggers dating white folks

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No one person thinks the same way, so guessing would be the equivalent to citing a seemingly picture perfect answer. It’s bad enough we’re mutts because of slavery, but every time a Black woman mixes with someone either than one of us, she’s eliminating our heritage. She can only have White children, Asian children, Hispanic children and so forth—they’re not mixed children unless they come from a Black man and white woman.

So rather than wrestle with my personal theories on how brothers feel about sisters mixing and mingling outside the race, I decided to personally ask a few brothers what their thoughts were on the topic. that’s if it’s another person of color; people of color dating isn’t an issue for me. We live in a multi-cultural world & this country truly shows that. If you’re surrounded by a lot of different cultures, it’s only natural to start dating within those surroundings. ”“I’m sure everyone you ask this question is going to give a p.c. I believe the race of the child is determined by the man.”“No, I don’t.

Every once in a while, certain people from the dominant society will act as whistleblowers on white supremacy.

Especially certain white people who themselves are marginalized within white society.

If a Black woman does it…finds herself a Prince Charming outside of the ebony complexion, for some, that union presents a reason to be upset and for folks to express the why’s and the why not’s about her dating preferences.

Indifference and apathy towards systemic racism and it’s horrific results is not just more comfortable, it is incentivized; we are actively rewarded by white supremacy in it’s many forms for ignoring people of color and their cries for injustice. We were taught the the history of our nation through textbooks written by white men with a vested interest in how the story was and is being told.

So we think that MLK Jr is the patron saint of polite black folks (to be invoked against the angry ones), peanut butter is the extent of black excellence, and according to the newest textbooks, slaves were just unpaid interns.

Here is his post in its entirety: An Open Letter to People of Color: Please do not trust white people.

Every single one of us is racist, it’s something we were born and raised into, we were and are consistently indoctrinated into white supremacy.

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