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There’s a hipster vampire with a “fetish” of downloading pop songs. Beautiful Glitch are aiming to release Monster Prom on Windows, Mac, and Linux in May 2017, though we all know the crowdfunding road can be bumpy. Scientists have discovered the fossil of a 152-million-year-old Jurassic ichthyosaur in India.With the demand for creativity constantly climbing, sharing what inspires you can help set you apart and make you a memorable applicant. – If you say you like travelling and ecotourism in your dating profile, you likely also post photos of yourself in foreign countries doing adventurous things, in fecund jungles and on salty seas. Employers don’t have time to hear about your skills and infer how they may be useful.Lead with results – what did you deliver in your past roles?The same skills as those that help you rise above the competition, elicit a “Hey” or perhaps even an emoticon, can help land your next dream job.So take what Tinder has taught you and use it to find better.Employers look to hire real people too, not robots (or serial killers).

Don’t give an employer any excuse to swipe left, so to speak. Showcase your expertise by drawing a clear picture of what you would do with the opportunity.First Impressions – If grammatical mistakes in your profile, or a distasteful rant, can put off suitors, similar snafus can repel employers.Regardless, it's a good, short explanation of the game, so if you don't know what the monster dating game is about then the video is definitely worth checking out.Sign up for free now to have your achievements and gaming statistics tracked.

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