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He was then a sports anchor and reporter at KRCR-TV in Redding, California, from 1994 to 1996, and also worked in television as the Medill News Service's Washington correspondent (1994).Before working for the NFL Network, he worked for ESPN.Both have understandably kept quiet on social media and other platforms as they celebrate their nuptials.The wedding was mostly a private affair, so details on the attendees and other information is scant.Days later, he sat down with Mc Gwire for an exclusive interview elaborating on the decision.Rich Eisen was the first on-air talent added to the NFL Network roster in June 2003. tying the knot to a SMOKIN' HOT former NFL cheerleader this weekend during a ceremony in Mexico.She currently works as a field reporter for the NFL Network. and Joe's booth buddy Troy Aikman was there to witness the whole thing. Joe and Michelle reportedly hit it off during the Super Bowl in New Orleans back in Feb.

He was the main host of the show, NFL Total Access, the network flagship program, until August 2011.

Among Eisen's notable achievements while at ESPN, was breaking the news of St.

Louis slugger Mark Mc Gwire's retirement from baseball in 2001 on Sports Center.

Eisen signed a new long-term deal with NFL Network in 2010 and became the new host of NFL Game Day Morning, the first pregame show on the NFL Network.

Eisen also remains host of NFL Total Access and NFL Game Day Highlights, as well as NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football pregame, halftime and postgame shows and special on-location coverage from league events such as Kickoff, Pro Football Hall of Fame, NFL Scouting Combine, NFL Draft and Super Bowl.

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