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Although it is unclear what impact this discovery had on him emotionally, it is clear that following his return from Vermont he began to treat Johnny Bundy with more obvious disdain.After his discovery, Bundy became a more focused and dominant character.Bundy graduated in 1972 from the University of Washington with a degree in psychology, and soon afterward, he began working for the state Republican Party.While on a business trip to California in the summer of 1973, Bundy came back into Stephanie’s life with a new look and attitude; this time as a serious, dedicated professional who had been accepted to law school.

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Bundy described the part of himself that, from a young age, was fascinated by images of sex and violence as “the entity”, and kept it very well hidden.He was involved with a local troop of the Boy Scouts.Socially Bundy remained shy and introverted throughout some of his high school and early college years.In May of that year, Johnny and Louise were married and soon thereafter Johnny willingly adopted Ted, legally changing his last name to “Bundy”.In time, the Bundy family grew to add four more children, whom Ted spent much of his free time babysitting.

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