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And we’ve made clear which ones in our round-up fall into this category.

We tested each one by cooking a variety of different dishes to see which ones could stand up to different types of culinary needs.

The original work of Wilson and co-workers was undertaken on construction materials, bricks and tiles.

Transferring the method to ceramics has brought additional challenges but initial results have demonstrated that ceramics have the same “internal clock” as bricks. These studies have encountered issues with components within the ceramics causing either addition mass gain or additional mass loss during the RHX measurement process.

Whether you’re a top cook or always end up doing the washing up, a good non-stick frying pan will save you time in the kitchen.

Food slides around the surface for optimum cooking and makes cleaning extremely easy – one or two wipes should do the trick.

Neither systematic nor transient changes in humidity have an effect on long-term rehydroxylation kinetics, though they do affect instantaneous gravimetric measurements or introduce systematic error (i.e. The rate of rehydroxylation is affected by the ambient temperature.

The quality of data generated by the Manchester and Edinburgh groups has been due to analysing fired-clay materials which do not contain these components.

Efforts to successfully replicate the original work and overcome the challenges presented by archaeological ceramics are underway in several academic institutions worldwide.

Moisture expansion and weight gain are known to be proportional to each other for a specified material at any specified firing temperature.

A small piece of the ceramic is first removed, weighed, and heated to 500 °C, effectively dehydrating it completely.

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