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Vaquera is absurdly entertaining as the scientist, serving up eeeevil laughs and nailing every single moment she’s on stage. Plus, a pair of supporting characters (sadly, not Bobby and Jessica) each got a musical number, frenemies Tom and Derek had another bonding moment, and Jimmy continued to act like a petulant manchild.All the professor needs now is a test subject, which his recent creation Victor (the hard-working Mortimer) unwittingly provides when he brings new crush Ruby for a visit. The story itself is funny, laced with propulsive songs played by the blazing band (Rushing, Valerie Champion and Joshua A. And the show, directed with a clear vision by William M. But when her buzzer rang seconds later, she changed her mind and buzzed him up (woohoo! When she opened her apartment door — again, girl, !

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“I guess we see the moment differently,” said Derek, diplomatically. ) Later, Jimmy had a tantrum over the names Derek had put together for a casting call. ” (Can Derek be in the Julia/Tom sitcom spinoff of my dreams? Derek eventually gave up the idea of LED projection screens (after even Karen gave them the thumbs down), opting instead to use dancers to symbolize “obstacles to love” in a silly production number called “I Heard Your Voice in a Dream” (which featured Jimmy writhing, snarling and singing, and Karen staring into the abyss like she’d taken a Lunesta three hours prior).(Where’s Eileen with one of her “throwing martinis” when you need ’em nowadays?)-LIKES HER | The episode opened with our brunette protagonist and her playwright/costar naked in bed, but when the Lady Cartwright snuck to the piano to steal some sheet music, it was clear they were in character for a rehearsal.High on a nearby mountain is the castle of Professor Chimaera (Jules Vaquera), who has devoted his energies lately to the monsterizer. The device will transform run-of-the-mill humans into werewolves.

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