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This was a much bigger discrepancy than any we had encountered.So, thinking the badge was unoriginal, I inspected it’s condition and grommet as well as the interior of the drum shell for signs that the factory original badge had been removed and replaced by the one on the drum.The manufacturing division at Ludwig was divided into two basic departments: the wood shop and final assembly.Shells were constructed, wrapped in mylar, and date stamped in the wood shop.Then the shells were drilled and hardware, heads and badges were installed in final assembly. “The shells were made in advance of the orders coming in.The date stamp didn’t determine when a shell would be sent to assembly. Sometimes we had thousands of undrilled shells all stacked up on shelves.This resulted in some drums having a new finish but old badge, and With the end of the 1960’s Keystone badge came also the close of an historic decade in music; a decade that inspired unprecedented numbers of young people to take up a pair of sticks and learn to play the drums.The boom of the 60’s also provided a generous supply of drums for those who, in the future, would become interested in collecting them and preserving our heritage. Ludwig know the effects their role would have on the decades to come.

I never dreamed I’d be talking to you now about all of this 35 years later.” © Copyright 2002 Vintage Drum Center, Inc. There was also a crop of late coming discrepancies that didn’t spring up until about October of 1969, when the three decade reign of the small Keystone badge came to an end.At this time the Ludwig Drum Company introduced their new logo, new badge and some new finishes.(Continued from page 2) The next Chart #2 gives an overview of the serial number sequence as it progressed from one year to the next.Using a simple formula, we have estimated, to the nearest thousand, the average count of serial numbers used for each individual year between 19.

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