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isn't what you've seen in TV and movies, but it might still be different from what you're used to. They love buying gifts, like stuffed cuddly teddy bears, chocolate, perfumes, small red heart pillows or cushions, balloons and who can forget bouquet of red roses. felt very similar to what she was used to from Pakistan: Since my childhood I used to see, every year on Feb 14, girls and boys in Pakistan get crazy about Valentine ’s Day.It is too stressful, but for international couples this feeling come twice or more times than same nationality couples. Especially, Japanese students said that their American boyfriends do not take off their shoes when they enter the Japanese students’ room. And one of the Japanese boy said that his girlfriend was Islam and she worshiped every day, and while she was worshipping he could not speak to her so that it was annoying for him. ” And even Sadia has noticed: Jairo encountered myths about Latinos as well.There are so many differences between international couples, and the differences cause many argue. He said that, because he came from Latin America, women often viewed him a certain way because of what he referred to as the “so-called ‘macho’ stuff.”But José of Berkeley College Life emailed me to say: I have also heard the same about some nationalities having it easier to find dates in the US.

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This Valentine’s Day I saw the same hype here too, everyone is busy in shopping, getting extra deals in shopping malls, websites are announcing valentine day’s promotions on flower bouquet, fruit baskets, chocolates perfumes, dresses, and list is endless.“The social rules governing romantic relationships in the United States are fluid and vary greatly among individuals,” they write.For Farima, the lack of a strict social structure to govern dating makes it very different than what she was accustomed to back home in Afghanistan.Tara puzzled over whether the boyfriend was adhering to an American custom or just being cheap.“If I remember right,” she wrote, “my friend’s b-day [birthday] gift is also a card…” But that’s one of the perils of dating in the U. – there are few rules to dictate what is the “proper” behavior.

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