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Please write usefull reviews about this site, let us know about things you liked and disliked about the site you visited. WELCOME AT PRINSES CELINA'S TEASE/EROTIC-ROOM ;) XXX You just did enter a tease/erotic room !!! either monetarily or socially) from the use of my profile, video, pictures or audio in any form my profile is a violation of my privacy and subject to legal action.“Sometimes you have to explain to people that they may have forgotten that their husband or parents have already passed away,” he says.“It’s always a surprise, every time you see that pain come again. Sometimes residents keep waiting for something that’s not there… REPORTER: Is it the relationship with your grandparents that helps you be so good with the elderly here?

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“But it happens, it doesn’t worry me.” “She wished me a good life, to get the most out of it,” Jurrien says of a former 105-year-old neighbour shortly before she passed away. He paints and creates craft projects like this table he made from a piano crate. JORDI PRONK: My grandfather and my grandmother when I was younger. The students all told me that living here was nothing like you'd expect.

He’s one of six students who live rent free at the Humanitas aged care home in Deventer near Amsterdam.

In return, they agree to spend at least 30 hours a month socialising with the older residents.

Rather than a generation gap, these old and young people have become very close by living side-by-side.

“Things are a lot more fun when we're all together,” Annie says as Jurrien shows her how to use Facebook on her tablet. you consider them like your own family.” “What I see from the elderly is that they really enjoy the little things,” Jurrien explains.

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