Josh peck dating olivia

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His storyline is the best thing in the movie, and whenever he is on screen the movie goes from very good, to incredible.

Olivia Thirlby delivers almost an equally as impressive performance as Peck.

Seriously I would love to see them in a movie together after this performance. It also doesn't help his performance in Thunderbirds still haunts me to this day.

However I honestly want him to get an Oscar nomination for his performance here. This is the only movie you will probably see him kissing an Olsen, using a bong, and getting high a lot.

While it isn't the funniest movie ever the movie does make you feel good about life.

Perhaps the negative things that happen to the characters and how they overcome them that made me feel so good, or maybe it was the brilliant direction and script, or maybe, just maybe this is one of those rare movies that can be classed as a masterpiece.

As I have said before the storyline isn't exactly original, in fact when it all boils down to it the movie is a simple coming of age tale.

I was four in 1994, so am probably not the best person to talk about the time the movie is set, at this time I was still running around in my Power Rangers pyjamas!She makes a potential two dimensional character quite possibly more than three dimensional!Her character is never dull, not a stereotype, and her very final scene with Peck really is one of the films many highlights.In fact it wasn't until the day before I was going to see it that I actually had any interest in seeing it.So I entered the cinema knowing Josh Peck (from that dreadful Drake and Josh show) and Ben Kingsley were starring. Two hours later I left the cinema feeling extraordinarily happy, in fact this movie made me smile more than most other movies have made me this year.

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