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Skype has undergone a dramatic overhaul, with Microsoft transforming the app into something barely recognisable.It has become very similar to Snapchat, with picture- and video-sharing now a core part of the user experience.The new version of the mobile app is available on Android now, and will roll out to i OS soon.Joel Dommett has revealed today on I'm A Celebrity that he was Catfished and had 'Skype sec' which, in his own words, was 'someone was basically watching me watching porn.You can also add bots to conversations, to make it easy for your group to buy tickets to an event, for instance, as well as add-ins from You Tube and Giphy.

In the memo, Weiner says he should be sentenced to probation – not prison time – because he has already faced severe 'extrajudicial punishment' and national disgrace after his case damaged Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign last year.Kate is set to take legal action against the military, saying a desire to change the culture within the Defence Force was her primary motivation."It's also about getting me the resources that I need to start my life again," she said.She is set to be discharged from the military on medical and psychological grounds.Dylan Deblaquiere, 21, the other cadet involved in the scandal, was sentenced to a single 12-month good behaviour bond and has since left the military.The female cadet at the centre of the scandal says it resulted in her being bullied out of the military and her dream job.

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