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Linking to our products in context is a simple way to integrate it into your site; you could also insert a phrase like "(more information about this course)" or "(order this course)", next to the title, and link from there instead.

Other subtitle ways include saying things like: There are various dating & seduction courses out there but I recommend this one (affiliate link here) simply mentioning the title of our course in a related sentence with a link to your affiliate account.

Step 5: Create separate pages within your website containing the dating articles provided and then link them back to our sales site Step 6: Create your own pay-per-click campaigns in all the major PPC search engines and start promoting there Step 7: Write reviews on our products and use Press Releases like distribute them to all the major search engines in an instant (recommended and other established PR companies) Step 8: Write quality reviews on our program and post them to high-traffic articles sites Step 9: Use our articles and post them on your blogs Step 10: Copy and paste our banners on your most visited sections on your website No matter how you integrate it into your website, we give you complete control.

You can have one or more of our banners on multiple pages of your site OR you can just have a text link to us directly from your main page, your "other links" page, or wherever you deem appropriate at your site. If you have multiple sites, you can sign up with one affiliate account and promote the program across your network of sites.

Single women can use the tips (and word-for-word lines) to spark up conversations with guys and keep the chat fun and interesting (while using certain phrases and specific questions to trigger feelings of attraction and desire in a man’s mind…) And women who are in relationships — including women who’ve been married for years — can use the techniques to connect with their partners on a deeper level, and to make them open up, share their true thoughts and feelings, and enjoy a much deeper “bond.” I want to share you with the SHOCKING results of a survey I conducted with over 90,000 of my newsletter subscribers… “Trust and open communication.” More than 90% of women believe that “trust and open communication” are the keys to a relationship standing the test of time… But the problem is, men can be SO HARD to communicate with sometimes… And then you’ll know the exact words to say that will trigger uncontrollable feelings of love and desire deep within him. I urge you to watch this short presentation right away, as it’s part of a private “experiment” – and spots are filling up fast… And this will make him feel BONDED to you, and committed to you, so that he never even THINKS of being with another woman. Get instant access to Talk to His Heart and make a wonderful, loving man pledge his heart, mind, body and soul to me FOREVER.

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What I’m about to tell you is extremely IMPORTANT and will definitely SHOCK the life out of you.

You may say something like " - Lots of tips, techniques and secrets to approaching & meeting beautiful women! We recommend the main page because it has the highest exposure to your visitors, and of course, the more people that click to the website, the more people who buy our dating products, the more money you make.

Here are a couple of other pointers for listing our products at your website.

Notice how the "Dating Tips" links looks like a normal part of the navigation menu. Magazine-styled sites: Sites featuring articles, reviews, and interviews may want to use a different approach.

Interviews and stories with the author and course reviews on serve as effective ways to increase visitor clicks to your affiliate link.

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