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We discuss hoping to find answers and community, not merely searching for likes.This in mind, I’ve often pondered why so many of my friends have tried Grouper.This ended with the group going around the table showing each other the Facebook profiles of everyone’s first kiss. We led ourselves on a terrible bar crawl of Chicago, desperately searching for a band or sound system to sing in front of.

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: I went with two close friends, James and Martin, hoping for great team chemistry.

And yes, this isn’t how our grandparents might have envisioned a first date (if this is even a date).

But we’re in this together and the first drink is paid for, so let’s make it a good night.

Met three Arizona graduates at a Lincoln Park bar/restaurant.

Immediately realized that: a) it was more of a restaurant—with a great brunch menu—than bar and b) that TJ had mutual friends in common with one of the women. After a bunch of small talk—what do you do for a living, etc.—TJ’s connection with one of the woman’s friends led us to talk about growing up and first kisses.

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