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Check what your local council allows before you commit to a design.You may be able to separate the mailing address, and arrange for individual utility bills; however, building a granny flat does not permit the actual subdivision of your property – unless it’s already allowed under a local planning scheme.Whether you're looking to boost the value of your property, need a separate lodging for your relative or just want to build a man cave/femme den, a granny flat is definitely the way to go. With property prices soaring around the country, it’s no wonder many Aussies are looking to leverage the value sitting in their own backyard.However, there are quite a few misconceptions about the planning and building process. Granny flats have certainly increased in popularity, particularly since property prices have continued to surge.In other states, secondary dwellings can add to property values, with buyers attracted to the extra space for use as a home office or guest bedroom.

With the shortage of rental properties in Perth the value of your granny flat is likely to only appreciate the overall value of your property making it far more inviting to large families and investors alike.In fact in Sydney’s competitive rental market, granny flats rents average 2.46 per week and are currently attracting a higher rate of growth than houses or apartments .With the easing of granny flat rental regulations in NSW, WA, NT, ACT and TAS, homeowners can now earn an income by renting out their granny flat.At Gateway, we offer Australia’s first purpose-designed granny-flat loan that makes it even easier for those wanting to add a secondary dwelling.As of the first August 2013 due to changes in legislation you can rent out a classic granny flat to assist you with additional income. Let’s say you have teenage kids who need their own space.

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