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And that is “officially,” I suspect the ratio will grow as the systems gain in capabilities and the constituency for them builds.

Indeed, the US Air Force will train more of these Predator and Reaper system pilots this year than it will fighter or bomber plane pilots.

It is traditional in China and Hong Kong for people to exchange red envelopes - (“lucky money”) in Cantonese - on festive occasions and especially the Spring Festival, the biggest vacation of the year that falls on Monday, February 8 next month but lasts for around a week.

We Chat’s latest move comes hot on the heels of Alibaba’s announcement that it will work with state broadcaster CCTV to give away red envelopes containing a total of 200 million yuan (US.4 million) during the latter’s wildly popular New Year’s Gala.

She wrote an enticing caption that read ‘Come to see my secret honey’.

“Even though most of them only contain a few cents, it shows how popular I am with my friends, and shows that they’re interested in my life and what I’m doing.” Some 20 million red envelopes were sent via We Chat over the first two days of the Lunar New Year in late January 2014.My point here is that the sort of systems, and the capabilities they offer, but also importantly, the questions they are forcing us to ask in defense planning are the sort of thing that was once only fodder for science fiction conventions like Comic Con.Now it all has to be talked about seriously in places like the Pentagon.Or is Iraq the same as Afghanistan and does what worked there carry over?These are questions that need fact-based answers, unfortunately not something we often see in the debates. The US military went into Iraq with just a handful of robotic systems in the air and zero unmanned systems on the ground, none of them armed.

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