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It honestly made me laugh because it was so cheesy,” said AU sophomore Lily Pourahmad.

This is slightly creative, but also one of the best pick up lines that will charm the pants off any Mc Dreamy fan.

Sometimes we joke about college tuition to soften the reality of our future student debt.

Alluding to financial aid may give you some aid in the dating world.

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Trust funds aren’t too cute to brag about on the first date.Until someone says to you, “Quit Stalin and give me your number.” This will surely get a laugh and maybe even a shot at a date.However, you should only use this if you’re studying mid 20th century Soviet Union affairs. roses are #FF0000 / violets are #0000FF / all my base / belong to you. I need you to load your floppy disk into my hard drive. You must be tired because you've been running your code through my cpu all night Hey baby, my name's Vista, can I crash at your place tonight! Living tissue over metal Bellend-oskeleton I'll show you my source code if you show me yours Hey baby, I am backward compatible, to service all your legacy needs.

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