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Tamsin: There is an article on The Mix that talks about painful sex.Justin: I've got lots of stuff on my website about how your sexual body parts work.Justin has worked as a sex and relationships educator for over 15 years.Here, he answers questions about sex and love with the help of The Mix relationships advisor Tamsin. [Chrissie: Me and my boyfriend have an intimate relationship, however I sometimes feel pain when he tries to insert himself in me. Justin: Sex should never hurt (unless you're doing something that's to hurt, like love bites). It might help to ask yourself if this is the kind of sex you actually want?Ollie: I keep mine in my underwear drawer so if my parents for whatever reason find them in there I can immediately ask why they were intruding upon my private space.Of course, that raises the awkward scenario of breaches of trust but one quandary at a time eh? Justin: Lots of people are asexual or aromantic and that's totally cool.

Daniel: It's been a few months since I last had sex.

If you're over 18, you could also try online dating. Here's another one about chatting to people in real life.

When it comes to the bedroom department, just take everything one stage at a time.

Liam: Fair point, Ollie, but it would feel awkward for me if my parents found condoms in my room.

Frieda: I think they would be glad you're using protection, Liam.

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