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The only way you'll ever have chat room relationships is if you start typing.Take some time to survey the chat room first, see what the conversation is about, and learn the personalities present in the room.This protocol is similar to others used in online classrooms.Essentially, during subject oriented chat, the host has the floor at all times and no one is allowed to speak unless called on.If you want to make a follow-up question on the answer being given, type a double question mark and send to the group.(The host may not acknowledge your question at this time if they need to move on) If you want to make a comment, type an exclamation point and send to group.

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Look for websites that also happen to have a chat room associated with them, rather than websites only about chat.First-time chatters please read the Etiquette section first so you will know what is expected, then jump in!BTW (By The Way) learning some common chat slang terms will help you interpret others chat and let you do your own posts a little faster. A: You can use the pc entry if you install Flash on your Android device.Once you are comfortable with the chat room, then start joining in the conversation.Joining a chat room isn't all that different than starting the first day at a new job.

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