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Your friends admire you for your fashion sense, and you are able to win over any guy with the wink of your eye. People like you for your take charge, getting-things-done attitude.This trait, if used too often, can also tend to get on people’s nerves-they would see you as being bossy.I have categorized each of the characters from Scooby-Doo and have analyzed their personalities carefully, having found myself to be closely similar to none other than Velma, right down to the bookworm trait and hair. If you enjoy 1960s-70s memorabilia, being lazy, eating your hourly dose of Scooby Snaks, or if you wish you could reverse time and make that trip to Woodstock, then your personality is almost an equal match to that of Shaggy!Your friends love you for your gullibility, naturally comedic acts, and for your kind spirit and friendly nature.As a retro cartoon obsessive, I am very, very familiar with the adventures of the Scooby gang as they drove around in their psychedelic minivan and encountered engine troubles 300 yards from every haunted building in North America.I've always held a very controversial opinion about the original "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! 'I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.Jason Derulo and new gf Daphne Joy are certainly comfortable with each other, walking as one through LAX.

It may be difficult, even a little offensive, to think that you have a personality similar to that of a dog, but hear me out.It's pretty relatable watching Fred continually friendzones Daphne by accident or cringing as Shaggy repeatedly dodges the moment where he's supposed to tell his closest friend that there's another person in his life who's equally important to him.Mystery Incorporated has convinced me more than any prior series of Scooby's essential role within the team: He is usually the only one who can motivate Shaggy into action, and the writers give him more personality than ever before.If you like to eat as much as Shaggy and are equally as jumpy, have a “heeeheeeheee” kind of laugh, and are loved by all, you may have a personality like Scooby!Your pals love you for obvious reasons, and like I said, the only downside would be to think that you are that similar to a dog.

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