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It's the type of butt you could see wearing a cowboy hat -- it doesn't look like it worries too much about what other people think about it. This is a very prep-school butt -- the kind of butt you could bring home to mom, although you might have to worry about mom stealing it away from you.This differences in the shape of this butt (depending on the motion of its owner) make it appear that this butt has a very squeezably soft quality to it. It's an all-purpose butt -- it would look good in any type of pants situation you could throw at it. This is the Swiss Army knife of butts -- it looks like it is ready for anything: a dance, a pinch, a fall, a good shake, and absolutely a good punt. Comments you post may require a paid membership to delete. Please report any comments that suggest the person is gay or had sex with anybody or has an STD."It's a new start for everybody in that team and everybody in that team can stay as long as they follow the protocol of not leaking," he said, suggesting that if the leaks don't stop, the White House staff will be "pared down." Transcript: WALLACE: I want to pick up on the leaks.

I don't think we can dial that down, but we can use the mechanisms of social media and the president's presence in social media to hop over that if necessary.

While these are the most clear angles available to this ass, this butt is greatly benefitting from the advantages of camera angles.

Dare we say that this butt might have studied many an episode of America's Next Top Model -- it knows how to find its angles, and work with what it has. As you can see from the rear angle, this is a long butt that has very strong potential -- note the prominence of the bottom of the buttcheeks.

WALLACE: Do you believe that the mainstream media deliberately puts out fake news about this president?

SCARAMUCCI: There is some fake news, unfortunately.

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