Did mischa barton dating ben mckenzie

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Phil" episode mostly served as a sad, frightening reminder of the dangers of becoming really, really famous at a young age. Phil noted, Barton was immediately deemed the "it girl" when she landed the role of Marissa Cooper on "The O. The tabloids critiqued her weight and chronicled her time partying with pals such as Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie. Phil, she had barely any time off between acting and advertising jobs. They got a smorgasbord of pills here: 'She's anxious so let's give her this, she's down so let's give her this.

As the youngest cast member (she was 18 when the show debuted, as opposed to her 20-something castmates), she felt the glare of the spotlight more than anyone. Then her team wanted her to star in a new TV show (CW's "The Beautiful Life"), she said, so they gave her prescription pills to help with exhaustion and anxiety. Just keep her working, keep her up there, keep her cranking' ...

She began her acting career on the stage, appearing in Tony Kushner's Slavs!

She then voiced a character on the Nickelodeon cartoon series Ka Blam! Her first major film role was as the protagonist of Lawn Dogs (1997), an acclaimed drama co-starring Sam Rockwell."I didn't think it was fair.""Were there people medicating you to keep you working? And there was a lot of pressure to do right by the show and to helm a new series," Barton said, adding that they gave her Xanax and other medications that were "not appropriate" for a 23-year-old. Her neighbor recognized her, and instead of calling for help, filmed her and sold the footage.And a friend who was with Barton at the house was too scared to call 911, since she feared it would inevitably wind up in the tabloids.In the last decade since Barton's character was killed off "The O.C.," she has made frequent headlines, but not for her work.

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