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and all of the times that things worked will also make sense.

Of course, you'll also be shaking your head as you learn some of the most amazing techniques for approaching women, getting numbers, getting dates, and taking things to a more "physical level" that have ever been created (For example, I share some of my own personal favorite "pick up lines" that work better than anything I've ever heard of for approaching women...

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" 4) Having expectations and being attached to them.If you go out one evening with a couple of friends, and you meet a REALLY hot girl... In other words, if it doesn't go well, no big deal. Instead of putting all your "hopes" in this one situation, go get more options...and you wind up having a fun conversation, and getting her number, what should you do? this will prevent many problems, as well as giving you more women to date! when are you MOST likely to get a woman's phone number? When you get a woman's number and you're picking up the phone to call and "ask her out", does it bother you? Do you start thinking about exactly what you're going to say, how you're going to say it, how to deal with her rejecting you... Do you ever get NERVOUS when you're dialing the phone? "Actually, I'm going to be busy all this week, but thanks for asking... Have you ever had one of those conversations where you could just TELL that something wasn't right...You know that feeling when you just start getting anxious for no logical reason, and you just CAN'T control it? Have you ever called a woman, and started talking to her, only to realize that she was in a COMPLETELY different mood from the last time? Have you ever worked up the nerve to call, gotten her on the phone, had a great conversation, but when it came time to ask her out, you froze up because you didn't know what to say? and that she wasn't going to be taking you up on your date offer, or calling you back at all anytime soon? What is it about this particular few minutes of time that constantly ends in problems for guys?

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