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[Correction, 23 April 2012]: Alvin has updated his page, saying that 1) he’s trying to apply for Communications and Media under the Computer Science course.2) He feels most passionate about doing multimedia games programming.This is about Alvin, what he wants, and no more than that.[1] Here’s an interesting sidenote: Alvin has a portfolio. The CS department would likely be more impressed if they could read some of the code he’s written.

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to communicate with technologists will first find themselves at a disadvantage, and ultimately find themselves unemployed.It’s part teacher, part counselor, part psychologist. It’s nagging you: If your mind’s tendency is to think the above, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you.It’s not always fun, but it is absolutely vital for agency survival. But you might not be equally left and right brained.When it comes to agency departments, I think the siloed vs. The great majority of people in this world can be divided into one of three groups when it comes to innate ability and the aptitude to develop specific advanced intellectual talents.integrated agency debate is over; integrated is the obvious way to go. But I believe that moving forward, agencies will survive and thrive not only based upon the structure of departments and teams, but even more upon the structure of the people themselves. The two MAIN groups are left and right brain thinkers: I did say there were three groups.

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