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Announcements: December 13th, Holiday Party April 28th, 2018, Golden Optimis Tiki, Bali Hai (Member tickets now available online, general ticket sale starts 1/2/18) Program: Katherine Nesbit, from UCSD/SIO and SCOPE Katherine (Kate) Nesbit, is a 2nd year Doctoral student at Scripps Institute of Oceanography (SIO).Her area of study in focused on the Utility of Marine Organisms in Research, specifically marine invertebrates.It was believed that humans from that age, had made their way south into Southern California from Alaska, after crossing over the Bering Strait from Asia. The Cerutti Mastodon site was not a simple fossil find. Share it with your family and those closest to you.Tools were discovered at the site, along with bones, molars and tusks. Because you never know when a disaster might strike.” Eddie shared with us some of the strategies the San Diego Fire Department has utilized to help citizens get prepared for disasters.Initially, the December 1992 find during a grading operation for the extension of SR 54 was not a heralded event.Mastodon and Mammoth fossil finds are not uncommon is San Diego County.“I’m optimistic this program could lead to further research,” she told us.

The first museum was opened in 1912, in the Hotel Cecil on 6th Street.I am looking for ways to attack cancer cells while protecting the healthy cells.” Kate believes one answer may lay within the proteins of the DNA strand that regulate transporters of the drugs used to kill cancer cells. If we can interrupt the existing DNA strand and repair it with new transporters, we can radically change the way we fight cancer.” Kate’s studies are scheduled for 2.5 more years, but even with a positive result, it will only be the beginning of this new process.She is looking for the link that invites more study and takes the work to another level of investigation.This gives them less pollution to deal with than the Yellow Fin tuna that tends to have a much small habitat, limited to a localized area.” The study went on to suggest the carcinogenic levels found in the Yellow Fin tuna also vary by where their localized habitat is located.“The Gulf of Mexico is one of the dangerous places to catch and eat Yellow Fin tuna. It lives on eating smaller fish, so it consumes fish that are getting contaminated.

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