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, where she and Mario fell in love and started dating.There have been times where Mario and her argue, but these arguments mostly have been caused by Jeffy., in which she flirts with Jeffy just because of his French accent.Her pedophiliac tendencies are also shown in Shrek's Coma! Rosalina is very nice to Jeffy and seems to really care about him. She does not seem to have a serious problem with Jeffy's unintelligence and is willing to spend time with him.She also attempted to call the police on Mario in The Dead Body!, assuming that Mario purposely killed a hobo, without any evidence that he purposely did so, or letting him give an explanation.

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In her first two appearances, she was a crybaby who sobbed over the stars because the sun took them away. But then, Mario brought him back to her, causing her to love him.

Megan is angered by this, and proceeds to break up with Corey while Monica breaks up with Corey as well right after revealing the truth to Megan that she was once his girlfriend.

Megan asks Drake and Josh to take her home and they agreed to it after they wanted to "teach Corey a lesson".

Additionally, Rosalina is shown to be immature for her age, due to her initial cries over the sun blocking the stars, though this seems to subsided. , she thought it was perfectly acceptable to throw her plate of unwanted food at the wall, just because Jeffy, a twelve-year-old kid who also acts immature, does the same multiple times.

Rosalina has pedophiliac tendencies, as shown in Jeffy's Brain!

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