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The Mycorrhizal fungus (Rootgrow) supplied with your tree also helps the root system to fight off Phytophthora but it will not prevent it.For further information below is the Wiki link to the form of Phytophthora that Wollemi Pines suffer with: Alternatively the Wollemi Pine is known to coppice so if you think the top of the tree is dead or dying but the roots are OK, the best thing to do is remove the top of the tree either 3 inches above soil level or above the healthiest looking branch using sterile secateurs or a pruning saw.Westland’s Feed All Slow Release is a suitable fertiliser (please follow the incorporation rates on the fertiliser packaging).In the meantime an application of a proprietary liquid fertiliser to the tree will help.If you want a more upright tree in the future it would be best to choose the strongest leader and remove any side shoots.How can I give my tree the best chance of surviving a cold winter?The addition of green compost into the growing media or soil can help.

The Wollemi Pine starts to need copious amounts of water when the flush of growth arrives in the late spring, until then just make sure that the compost is just kept moist.The new growth emerging on my Wollemi Pine is bronze or brown in colour.We assume that because of the extremely cold weather this year that some of the new growth is emerging yellow, bronze or even brown; in the past we have observed that as this growth matures it returns to a green colour. I stumbledupon it ;) I will.e back yet again since i have book marked it. Losing weight and not regaining it is incredibly hard for most people. weight loss tips apple vinegar with honey in water reduces weight: ...aradasystems Over 800,000 advertisers tried on the exte.r to regulate their campaigns. Goo This could possibly be enough to help you fit.fortably with your clothes.

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