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We hope you will consider hopping off the deck chair of a Sunday and give up a few hours a month to help our great club in 2016.

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Geologically, it is principally composed of sodium and potassium rich rhyolite with some sandstone surrounds.Potassium-argon dating gives and age of between 25 and 26 million years.One of the most notable features of the mountain geology is the striking columnar / crystal jointing patterns clearly visible both on the main cliffs and the faces of the disused quarry.please check it out heremore Thomas Griffiths, Keely Duggan, Charlotte Hayes and Belle Dawes all get the chance to kick the sherrin around from this Sunday, having earned selection in the Sunshine Coast Under 14 boys and girls on formore For all those friends and relos down South, we now have all team photos on the website and they can be found via the menu at the top right of your screen.

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