Dating advice for women circa 1950

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Bevan had worked out the details and the NHS had a command structure, a ‘welfare state’ ideology and was heavily dominated by those providing the services.On the appointed day 1,143 voluntary hospitals with some 90,000 beds and 1,545 municipal hospitals with about 390,000 beds were taken over by the NHS in England and Wales.But the sooner we start, the sooner we can try together to see to these things and to secure the improvements we all want . Let us try to develop that partnership from now on.For almost a century the government’s Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) had often begun their annual reports with an account of the year’s weather.Beveridge, in his report in 1942, had proposed state funding but not how the NHS should work in practice.In 1944, before victory in Europe had been achieved, a committee within the Ministry had considered how the emergency hospital service would be "demobilised".

Bread had to be rationed for the first time late in 1946; in September 1947, the meat ration was reduced; in October the bacon ration was halved; and in November potatoes were rationed.These three months of snow and bitter cold were followed by the heaviest floods for 53 years, which did great damage, killed thousands of sheep and lambs, delayed spring sowing and threatened the prospect of a good harvest which was so urgently needed.Immediately after these four months of disastrous weather there followed a period of economic crisis with an ever-increasing dollar crisis.In the same issue of the on 3rd July 1948 the editor was not so sanguine.While seeing the logic of spreading the high cost of illness over the whole of the community, it saw dangers in a state medical service, dogma, timidity, lack of incentive, administrative hypertrophy, stereotyped procedure and lack of intellectual freedom.

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