Dating a photograph by clothing

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These could be indications that the man was inserted into the image without much care for perspective.

Or perhaps it’s just an unusual perspective, and the arm from the man behind just looks like it’s over the “time traveller”, even touching the camera? I tried to send an email to the Bralorne Pioneer museum, but the address was not valid.

But if you look carefully, you can see that he’s actually wearing (or could as well be wearing) a sweatshirt.

And sweatshirts with bordered emblems were not uncommon in the 1940s – in fact you can find those in other photos from the same exhibit.

But if we are considering time travel, how can we know if in some other timeline something historical happened right there? As noted, the image is indeed available through the official website for Canada’s museums.These days, even a beggar can be mistaken for a trendy fashion model.Keep reading for more into this and other time travel stories.The sweater he also uses seems to be hand knitted, with buttons on the front.Something that was definitely available at the time, if he had some kind grandma perhaps.

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